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What to Bring to Closing

What to Bring to Closing

So, you’re preparing for closing and need to know what to bring? We have assembled a simple checklist of the items you will need to bring to closing on your new home. Keep this list on hand and take some of the stress out of the final steps of closing!

  • Bring proof of a wire transfer or a cashier’s check for the full amount of the closing costs.
    • Please refer to the company wire policy
  • Have a copy of your closing disclosure if you are taking out a mortgage.
    • As sent to you from your lender
  • All people listed on the loan must be at closing.
  • You must bring a government issued, non-expired photo ID.
  • Your personal checkbook in the event that something changes financially at the last minute.
  • Copy of Homeowners Insurance bill or receipt.

If you have any other questions about what to bring to closing, we recommend you contact both your closing agent at your earliest convenience. Please note that your closing agent is not an attorney nor an accountant. Please refer all tax and legal questions to your accountant or legal council.

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